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i write and draw but very rarely post any of that silliness in my tumblr. you're guaranteed to see a lot of nbc thursday night comedies (minus the hot messes), game of thrones, political rants, eva green, marion cotillard, arrested development, adrien brody, idris elba, the decembersists, lgbtq advocacy, jimmy stewart, harry lloyd, emilia clarke, sea creatures and other amazing animals, late-night photos i may have taken when slightly inebriated and random things that make me choke on my laughter. icon by solitary-host.

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What they won’t show you on CNN tonight: Ferguson residents line a parade of roses down W Florissant, leading to where Mike Brown was taken from this world. #staywoke #powerful #insolidarity 


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Julian Casablancas
11th Dimension
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11th Dimension | Julian Casablancas

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This reminds me of those pictures of the president you sometimes see hanging behind the counter at stores except it’s a dystopian setting where Dennis has taken over and demands a giant framed picture of him in the front display of every store

have respect idiots I am legend

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television history

i’ve been trying to explain this sketch to people for years

there is literally no way to explain this sketch it’s just a thing you have to see and even then I’m not sure why it’s so funny

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Happy UFO Day From Our Favorite Alien Investigator!!

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he’s gone

30 Day Robin Hood Meme  » day 9; favourite pairing
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